White Island: Camiguin’s White Sand Paradise

Camiguin may be rich in natural resources, but the mainland province has been deprived of white sand beaches since the volcanic eruption circa 1870’s. So if you are ever wondering why it is still one of the top Philippine destinations by beach bums, the answer lies about 1.4 kilometers off the north coast of the island where an islet known as White Island sits.

White Island is one of the two known islets part of Camiguin (the other one being Mantigue Island). It is said that when the volcanic tragedy happened on the island, it left the beaches rocky and the beach sands dark. But being situated off the main island’s coast spared the islet from the disaster, maintaining its white sands.


Unlike other famous and commercialized white sand beaches in the Philippines such as Boracay and Panglao in Bohol, White Island is uninhabited and boasts only of pure white sands and clear turquoise waters in its surroundings. If you’re conscious of getting dark skin or if you have have sun allergy, you probably have to bring LOTS of sunblock with high SPF and other sorts of sun protection as there are no trees or shady areas on the islet. The island is in a shape of a horseshoe, but generally its shape and size changes based on the tide. What makes the islet even more postcard-worthy is the lofty Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Mt. Vulcan on the background.



An edible sea urchin in White Island
An edible sea urchin in White Island

White Island in Camiguin


How To Get To White Island

White Island is mostly accessed from Brgy. Agoho or Brgy. Yumbing in Mambajao, Camiguin. Mambajao is 35 – 45 minutes travel from Benoni Port. Just get to the shores of these barangays and there are many boats offering round-trip transfers to the island from Php300 to Php500 (per boat). There is a Php20 (per person) entrance fee to the island.

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