Blue Bless Beach Resort in Mati, Davao Oriental

10.12.2014. After 3 long hours travel from Davao City, we arrived in Mati, Davao Oriental at 9 in the evening. My sister and I have been planning for this brief relaxation getaway for some time and last Saturday was when we finally got the chance.

Mati has been a home for us since the town we grew up in is just an hour ride from the city. We decided to go on a trip to Mati for a few but good reasons; we are familiar with the city, we have choices of cheap but beautiful and cozy beach resorts, and last but not the least, most of our friends who were coming with us live there or just a few minutes away.

Our choice getaway place was in Blue Bless Beach Resort so we immediately gathered with our friends as soon as we arrived. We’ve had some quick food preparation, transportation brainstorming, and whatnots. The resort is approximately 30 minutes travel from Mati city proper and with only the moon and vehicle lights as our street lights, we headed for the resort in broad evening.



The resort’s entrance fee is PHP30 for adults and children are free. It was Saturday. We did not have any reservation so it wasn’t a surprise that we almost didn’t get a cottage, or at least not the best one. We just wanted an open cottage, but the big ones (which was enough to accommodate our group) were all occupied when we got there. They only have 2 types of open cottages, the big one which costs PHP600 and small one, PHP300.

As lucky as we could get, we were able to get a deal for a reserved cottage which guests didn’t show up the night. The resort crew allowed us to use 1 reserved big cottage provided we transfer to a smaller one by 7:00 the next morning as it would be the guests’ expected arrival. We made the deal and the guests never showed up anyway.


Blue Bless Beach Resort is a very cozy place with sunrise view in the morning and a crystal clear ocean water you can’t resist taking a plunge into. They have water floaters you can borrow if you’re not that good of a swimmer (like me) or if you just want to float relax on the water and enjoy the resort’s beauty from there.


Blue Bless Beach Resort Cottage Ladder

On the other hand, if you are not into ocean water, the resort also has a luxurious pool facility right near the receiving area. The pool has a utility fee of PHP150 for adults and PHP80 for kids, per head. And if you are not on a budget and aims for a longer vacation, they have comfortable rooms with rates ranging from PHP1,500 to PHP8,000 per night.

Blue Bless Beach Resort Kids Pool

We were there for an overnight stay and the usual bonding with friends, so we just enjoyed the more nature feel of the resort.

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Blue Bless Resort Room Rates

Room Rates

Air Conditioned Rooms

Good for 2: PHP1,500
Good for 4: PHP2,500
Good for 6: PHP3,500
Good for 8: PHP5,000
Good for 12: PHP8,000

NON-Air conditioned Room

Good for 2:PHP1,000

Cottage Rates:

BIG (good for 12-15) : Php600 day tour / Php1,000 overnight

SMALL (good for 8-12) : Php300 day tour / Php500 overnight

Entrance Fee:

ADULT: Php30
KID: Php15


Lechon: Php150
Drinks/wines/ beers (per bottle) : Php10 big / Php5 small

For further inquiries and more accuracy of the above rates, you may contact them at these numbers: 09487975527 | 09186816917

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  1. Manuel – Yeah its so nice.. were planning to go there with my falimy.. may i know the entrance fee? specially for a kid like 5 years old . does entrance fee included in the cottage? is there any corkage ? or do you have there contact number instead?

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